ts a very simple game, all you (the bird) have to do is try not to get shot.

Its different from all the other games as you have to save yourself from being "hunted"
rather than try to hunt the bird.

Has three levels of difficulty. The motion controlled level should really challenge your game skills.


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August 19, 2015

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This, just the beginning.I'm sure this man will make it big and bring home the bacon

All the best son way to go

Good Going !!
Wishing You All The Luck..
Waiting for some more exciting games.

Brilliant... Wishing u the Bery Best!!! I am sure u will do Big...

Simple one but I am sure you would develop Indian angry birds and subway suffers one day.. all the best

All i see is an upcoming game developer. Passion in play! All the best!

Best wishes !

Good one! Keep more games coming in. All the best :)

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