Identity Rush


Back Story: In this game you are being attacked by a Highly Intelligent Cyber-Virus that threatens the security of the entire nation , but our nation came up with an A.I embedded anti-virus which could supress the attack by sending the identical anti-virus package which will terminate the virus but beware these are not the usual viruses that you would find in your everyday computer,they are fast and highly intelligent and they know their anti-virus when they see one! So should you choose to accept this mission , you will have to join forces with the friendly A.I to obliterate their attack and save the nation from the greatest cyber attack . Time is short and the whole nation is at stake so make haste.

Game play: This game is of the Arcade genre and we intend to give you the look and feel of a retro styled video game that we all adored during our childhood so we planned on bringing those memories back with the colorful mix of the current generation within the boundaries of the themes we are provided with. We came up with simple controls for the player to manipulate the game but it will put your skills to the real test exactly like the old timers did.Here the viruses will start infiltrating your player area ("phone screen") from top to bottom , your job is to stop them from reaching the other end of the screen.If by any chance they reach the other end then it means the viruses had successfully invaded your nation's security system and you have failed. Your only way to stop them is to use the A.I embedded anti-virus.This A.I will provide you with the necessary anti-virus packets one by one. You then have to find the exact identical virus that you are provided with and then you may have to move to the right spot by either touching the left or right -bottom side of your screen and choose the right spot to shoot by just tapping over the screen,if the anti-virus matches the virus then that particular virus will be terminated or else our anti-virus will become one of them and don't consider saying these enemy A.I's are highly intelligent as an understatement because when the friendly A.I provides with a specific anti-virus pack then every virus matching the identity of that anti-virus pack will render themselves invisible recognizing the threat, so best of luck.



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October 22, 2016

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Nice games easy to play

This is a nice game nice creativity keep it up guys

Karthik Elaiya's picture

First of all, I'm glad to here your game community content. It's an amazing game with the anti-virus protection. 

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