Ironkill: Real Robot Fighting


Ironkill is a free to play robot fighting sport set in the post-apocalyptic world where the strongest metal rules!
Key Features:
  • Build your legendary robot warriors from 25 mean metal machines and participate in deadly battles across 7 unique arenas.
  • Perform a wide range of battle tactics using common attacks and unique abilities. Unleash devastating revenge moves to turn odds in your favour.
  • Upgrade your Robots and perform Research to enhance their combat skills. Equip boosts when you need a head start.
  • Compete in League Fights to defeat other champions & become the Ultimate Ironkill Champion! Participate in alternative game modes like Restriction & Limited Time Events to win Special Rewards.
  • Experience one of the best handcrafted world of robot fighting in 3D designed for mobile.

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November 20, 2014

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Has a great potential to be amongst the top fighting games out there.

Best game i played in recent times. Love the new updates. Getting better overtime. Completly addictedddd!

Love it completly. Best game played in recent times. Cheers!

Can't get over it. Best game played. Waiting for more to come

Loveeely game. Would love to play more and more. Best stree buster!

Completly loved it. Surely a stress buster.

Beautiful gameeeee. Getting interesting over timeeee. Waiting for more to come!

Iron kill is a serious robot fighting game.

I like the vigour in this game.

Amazing game!

Very nice game. Can keep playing the whole day!

Gouri Shankar Sarkar's picture

Love it

Iron Kill has the potential to be one among the top robot fighting game

I love this robot game. Very interesting to play.

Exciting and thrilling all the way. Complete entertainment. Enjoyed the game .

it's amazing i ever played, it rocks in games history.

Saurav Roy's picture

Amazing game!

Serious Robot Fighting Game, Ironkill is.
Among the Top Best Fighting Games produced in India. With its Ultimate Robot Fighting Game experience it deserves the vote, the game must hit the list.

Amazing experience,
Awesome Graphics,
Great characters Improved boss fights.

Just amazing gaming stuff overall

Amazing Game.... The best

Great game

Asome.LOVE it best game ever.

William Leaton Jr.'s picture

I like the game

sick game!

Excellent game. Totally loved it.

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