I.S.A.A.C. (Intricacies of Space Age Anomalies Continued) is a first person 3D experience platformer.

The player character's objective is to complete a series of tests designed by an omnipresent AI. Set in  outer space, the game seeks to educate the player on the concepts of spacetime and gravity with the help of mechanics that manipulate spacetime and gravity.

We strongly recommend playing the tutorial first, however, here are the controls:
  • -WASD to move
  • -Space To Jump
  • -E to Dash
  • -Q to dilate time
*Note*: Kindly press alt + enter after running the game to enter fullscreen.

Team Name:

Null Artist Exception*

Special Thanks:

Jalay Bhatti, and the Internet

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Released On

October 12, 2015

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