The Light Inside Us


"The Light Inside Us combines the quick-thinking of tower defense, the planning and timing of a fast-paced strategy games, and the satisfaction of shoot ‘em ups." - Pocket Gamer

The Light Inside Us is an abstract action/strategy game set in an isometric world where light is sentient. You control a body made up of small particles which are the children of light, and you must  guide them through a strange and tough world to reunite them with their mother.

By going through differently colored regions you are equipped with different powers. You must use these powers to defend against other sinister corrupted light which try to erode away all your particles.

The game currently has close to 40 levels with tons of different features like, weapon types, barriers, forces, portals etc. The game is still in development and will have 60 levels in the final version.

Released On

November 11, 2015

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