Lock n Key


Lock and Key is another traditional Indian chase and run game made fun on mobile. Players play as wild characters with super powers on an island which is collapsing part by part. With 4 players on the island, 1 player plays as a chaser, the other 3 are runners that run away from it. The concept is as simple as the name. The chaser is supposed to tag all the runners. Once tagged, the runner gets locked in the position and cannot move, unless some other runner tags and keys the locked one out. If the Chaser succeeds to lock all the runners before the whole island collapses, the Chaser wins the match. And if any of the Runners manages to escape the Chaser by the time the complete island collapses then the Runners win the match.

Game Features:

  1. Online Multiplayer
  2. LAN Multiplayer
  3. 3vs1 Game play
  4.  Numerous characters with unique powers
  5. Several unique environments

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January 26, 2018

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