In Loopables your goal is to manipulate the environment in due to guide a forgetful person. It's a surreal experience leading you from where you started, a constant loop filled with fun and challenges.
Game controls are simple, just a tap however not the puzzles. You need to be smart enough to crack few of them, retrying is the only way to succeed in Loopables but don't worry as the game never lets you wait with almost zero loading time.
Inspired by minimalist 3D design & equally beautiful procedural placement techniques. 
Don't be a lone wolf, with Loopables you can not just only play fascinating puzzles but also make one. Create your dream level, there are millions of possible combinations available. Unleash your creativity and when done, publish your level through Loopables. Publishing makes it accessible to all Loopables players who are on the hunt for new challenges. You can even challenge your friends to beat your level on Facebook & Twitter with your level and tell them who the boss is.

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September 14, 2017

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