Luminal guardian


Once there was a world full of light creatures named luminous. Each creature can absorb light as a source and survive .a guy named akta who is always fond of searching for more powers so he came to know about the dark powers .so instead of absorbing light he absorbed darkness into him, so it made him grow very powerful and dangerous ,he started to spread his darkness within him ,so the people in luminous where left and become refugees, they started to search for new world to survive ,now they came to know about the new world named blossom which is controlled by the mother of light and the refugees started to travel to blossom world.  After knowing about this akta decided to attack the refugees by turning them into darkness, so the mother of light sent her troops named harassers they started to protect the refugees and making them pass all the levels and paths. The harassers have to save at least one of the luminous kind. 

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October 16, 2017

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