MaskGun is a realtime Multiplayer FPS built by June.  We currently support two modes - DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch. The current game now has 3 maps and our all new mode where you can see what your friends are playing.
Some Quotes from Judges and Podcasts 
“An online competitive FPS we saw called Mask Gun had some of the best graphics 
we’d seen on mobile – think Counter-Strike but in the palm of your hand.” 
– Alysia Judge,
“I quite like the first person shooter with the Masks. That was my favorite Game. 
It seemed so slick and so well done. ” 
–PocketGamer Podcast
” I’ve been chasing something that plays like ngmoco Eliminate with 
Drop In Drop Out, and this game feels like it could do that.” 
–PocketGamer Podcast
“One game that I saw that is going to do exceptionally well in our community and in the 
App Store, is MaskGun” 
– Eli Hodapp, Editor - TouchArcade


Released On

November 30, 2015

Available For

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