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Medical error is a disease!

According to the study published by British Medical Journal, medical errors are the 3rd largest killer in the US. It estimates that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors.

WHO's European data shows that medical error and healthcare related adverse events occur in 8% to 12% of hospitalizations.

“The Med Life” takes on the same major problem of medical errors which is claiming thousands of lives on regular basis and aims to reduce it by providing a rock solid platform and revolutionary content environment.

“The Med Life” is an original game idea & is world's First Medical MMORPG. More than a game, it’s a Cause!!

Unlike other serious games, “The Med Life” brings a highly interactive, immersive & engaging way of learning while playing. It’s diversity to its peak!

The game presents to you a virtual medical city, a universe of its own, full of life.

As there’s life, there are problems!

Here players around the world, engulf the role of a doctor who’s on a mission to treat & cure their patients. You treat patients by playing a series of simulation games and learn the DO’s and DONT’s associated with each disease scenario.

The games inside “The Med Life” universe are designed carefully & are based on the principals of OSPE (organized structural practical examination). The game brings players from different parts of the world in one single place and presents the organized structure of the medical studies for its users to benefit.

Prior to the game's release, it has won the National Exhibition of Design & innovation at IIT Delhi (June 2017) and made great round of applause & recognistion at E3 Summit & Expo at ICCI Bangalore (July 2017). The game has also been chosen as one of entrant for the Joint Conference on Serious Games at University of Valencia, Spain (Nov 2017).

The game has made a rock solid impact on the MBBS students, doctors & visitors from India, USA, Bolivia, Barbados, Canada, Iran, South Africa, Dubai, England & Japan as a part of gameplay sessions, presentations, conferences & focus tests conducted by us!

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