Medic Rush


Face the challenges of Indian emergency vehicle driving, keep your patient alive for the longest distance and upgrade your ambulance. Watch out for Obstacles - Tap on them to shoo them away, and use the joystick to control your ambulance while it is being bounced in air !

About The Project

Medic Rush is essentially a reskinned version of my game showcased at Game Jam Titans, 2015. However, I had to restart the project once I got notified about NGF, and really wanted to represent myself as a student.  As a 9th grade student, I barely got 100 hours of work on this game, which I worked on since 25th September 2015. That's right folks ! I am rushing to publish this game in for NGFA for this year in just 15 days.

I did have a team of 5 at Game Jam Titans, but it was forced by my school. So I am a one-man army. I coded most the game logic, with exception of buying some assets and using some free assets, which are cited in the credits of the game.

For a 9th grade student working alone with exams in 2 weeks, I think it is good enough.

Released On

October 10, 2015

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