Game Overview
Research suggests: across a wide range of species, time perception is directly related to size. That is to say, the smaller an animal is, the slower time passes. It’s related to faster response times which lead to fast-paced lives of most small creatures. It is the reason insects and flies have a shorter life span and flies, in particular, have a faster reaction time which allows them to avoid being swatted easily.
This thought of relativity inspired us to develop MicroGiant, a two-dimensional platformer game based on HTML5; with the first dimension as size, and the second as time. The core of the game revolves around time and size relativity seen in our environment. The growth of the character is relative to time: as it grows, obstacles move fast; as it shrinks, they slow down. 
With nothing on your side, you have to battle out and survive against all those enormous obstacles and reach the finish line! Let's see for how long you can survive your journey through the land filled with obstacles and keep yourself at bay in this fast-paced adventure game. Enjoy as the difficulty increases with the duration of play till you can feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. With controls as simple as ABC, this game takes a second to learn, but months to master.
How To Play
Head over to http://microgiant.co/ and simply follow the instructions in the game!
The primary weapon behind MicroGiant was Construct 2. It made the process faster and easier. After we had brainstormed the concept for MicroGiant, Devansh started designing the main character and gave Manav a picture of how he had visualized the game.
Once Manav had all the gameplay elements from Devansh, he experimented with a few arrangements of platforms and obstacles around the game and started writing the game logic. After 14 continuous hours of thinking, arranging elements, linking behaviors, adjusting difficulty levels, and previewing, the first level was ready. It was a truly satisfying experience when we crossed our very first checkpoint in the game, and in its development process.


Design conveys ideas in a way that is not only effective, but also beautiful. It helps clarify meaning and bridge communication between a product and the user. It not only makes the product look good, but makes the user feel good. Humans form opinions in a matter of seconds, and it takes a lot more time to have a change of heart after the first impression. Thus, aesthetically pleasing graphics have been a major part of the design process behind MicroGiant.

Design is a vital part of our game. The game has a minimal yet aesthetic approach, making it incredibly easy to grasp for all age groups. Devansh has tried to keep the illustrations colorful, quirky, and subtle; making the game a delight for the players. 
  • Space Bar
The space bar on your keyboard lets you jump. Tapping the spacebar allows you to move from one platform to another, or hop onto a steep one. It also helps you avoid danger blocks by letting you jump from over them.
  • Right and Left Arrow Keys
The right and left arrow keys on your keyboard help you move. Holding the keys allows you to walk, and consequently make progress during the game.
  • Up and Down Arrow Keys
The up and down arrow keys on your keyboard let you resize the character. Holding up allows the character to grow; whereas holding down allows it to shrink.
MicroGiant is currently web-based; but since the game is developed using HTML5, it can be optimized for Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms using modern frameworks including, but not limited to, Intel XDK, Cordova, and PhoneGap. 
  1. Devansh Gandhi - Founding Partner, Designer (Student; Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram; Class of 2016)
  2. Manav Aggarwal - Founding Partner, Developer (Student; Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram; Class of 2017)


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December 1, 2016

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