The game is based on the following selected constraints given for the respected sets, 1) Espionage with 2) Remix.    

The game revolves around an imaginary organ present in one’s brain which keeps an eye on all the activities which takes place inside the brain. The Primary job of the organ is to make sure the brain functions properly.              


The Player will be given 3 situations, according to which the game will be played. The character’s brain will not be working properly and he will be in different situations in different levels. So, the player has to make sure his brain works properly so that he can act normally in the given situations.

This can be done by sending or assuring that all the vibes coming to the brain from the body reaches its destination.

Game Artist and Animator: Vivek Katole 

Game Programmer: Rajat Khedekar 

Game and level Designer: Harsh Kapoor

Sound: Pratyush Bhadola



Released On

October 22, 2016

Available For


I like the gameplay but unfortunately I dont find the theme espionage related to the game.

The act of spying is termed as espionage! And if you read the description properly, we play as an organ which "keeps an eye" on all the processes happening in the brain, which certainly justifies the constraints present in the term "espionage". Thank you for your feedback!

It's a very Good and Addictive game and visuals are really nice .

Thank you! :)

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