Mobile War


Build & command a team of super soldiers, humanoids and mechs. Manage & develop your Base and defend it from other players.
Mobile War is a strategy game with the latest AAA turn based strategy combat and base building. Unique characters varying from humanoid, mechs and robots. 
Class based characters bring unique team combinations that can change the odds anytime in the battle. Each of the characters have their unique abilities emphasizing their role in the team. Stabilize your territory by getting rid of corrupt robots commanded by evil small councils and their uniquely designed commander androids

Gameplay / Features of the game:
  • Unpredictable battles, team power might represent strength but team combination will determine the result.
  • Research technologies to advance your Base and team to become Superior in the arms race. 
  • Destroy the corrupts and raid other players for resources
  • Build Alliances and support your faction
  • Participate in Alliance wars and dominate over other alliances.
  • Participate in faction wars to dominate other factions
  • Fight along with other factions to annihilate the small council.


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January 19, 2018

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