Monarchy is a turn based social board game experience that merges the simplicity of Ludo with tactical strategy of chess in its unique way. 
Set in a fantasy universe where elements are fighting a diplomatic war to set up their dominion; Monarchy is - A race to the center of the board. Each player gets one corner with 4 Knights and 25 Soldiers. Knights move & battle around while Soldiers build bridges and hold positions to make their Knight's advent faster. The goal is to be the first to reach your 4 Knights to the center and capture ‘The Throne’. 
Best experienced in a group of 4, playing individually or in teams of 2 - Monarchy is a perfect arena to exercise your strategic bent of mind. Use cards and change the whole game around. Be offensive or play defensive - change strategies at any turn. There's no right or wrong in the path to Victory…In the end, it’s doing whatever it takes to become 'The Monarch'.

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March 11, 2017

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