Once Upon a Bike


Once Upon a Bike is a physics based bike building game. Build a bike from a huge collection of parts to transport different characters to the end point of a level. Make sure to do this without the characters falling off the bike or the bike breaking apart or the bike running out of energy.

Think it will be easy? Well then think again, as we take you on a journey spanning 5 different worlds and more than 100 levels.  

Once Upon a Bike draws inspiration from scenes common in India and South East Asia, where we see people attaching various contraptions to their bikes to make sure it can carry more people, more goods and sometimes both. The game uses a fully physics based bike building system. Bikes are built by drawing on a grid to create the chassis and then attaching various components to it. This gives immense flexibility on the type of vehicle you can make to accomplish your goal.
Make a standard 2 wheel bike, or a 1 wheel vehicle or even a flying bike with rotors and wings. Your only goal is to transport 1 or more characters/goods to the end point of the level safely. Get 3 stars by finishing the levels within a specific time and within cost and energy budget for each level.
Once Upon a Bike will also feature a fully featured level creator for players to make and share their levels with the community. Curated levels will be selected by us and featured regularly in the game.

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March 1, 2017

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