Ouroboros - Super Snake


It’s the age-old snake all over again – with a few twists here and a couple of tweaks there. Throw in some ultra-cool power-ups, wormholes and two spiffy game themes, and you’ve got Ouroboros - the world’s oldest mobile game Snake, reborn.

The rules are as simple as rules can get – 
1. Get the snake to eat the food
2. Don’t hit the snake's tail

Of course, we give you some awesome superpowers to help you along the way. Check them out –

- Invincible mode: Go through the snake's tail and get double the points while you’re at it
- Shortening mode: Get food that shortens the snake's tail.
- Multiple mode: Get lots of food at a go without increasing the tail’s length.
- Transport the snake through wormholes

Oh, and watch out for the bonus food. Happy hunting!

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February 2, 2015

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Deepu Raj R's picture

Old wine in new bottle..simply superrrb..cheers :-)

Blessy B Thoppil's picture

Nostalgiya.. :):) superb game ..!!

Pallavi Mohan's picture

This is the game I'd been looking for ever since I switched to a smartphone. Thanks so much for bringing retro back in style!

A throwback to a bygone era, but with enough quirks to get any youngster hooked on to it

Juliya K's picture

Superbbb. ..I luv it..!!

Girish Ram M's picture

Awsome game!! Thanks for bringing back my SNAKE memories..

Budhota Aamani's picture


Rahul Sathyajit's picture

I have been looking for a re-make of the classic Snake game....and I need look no further! Great work, especially loved the 2 modes of game-play.

Splendid gameplay coupled with quite a neat UI - makes for a killer casual game.

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