P.A.D. [Potential Attack Diagnosis]


TOPIC -  Threat Hunting

BRIEF - The game puts you in the shoes of a threat-hunting analyst, who is traversing the digital realm near the domain you need to protect. The domain is under constant danger from threats trying to penetrate inside. The passive defense system (which acts as the health of the domain) is not enough for its protection. The player needs to traverse the realm identifying and destroying threats, and ensure the safe passage of data in the domain. The domain acts as a safe haven for player regenerating his health, but attracts a bigger horde towards the domain itself which has a non replenishable pool of health.

GENRE -  RPG tower defense

CORE MECHANICS – RPG elements of walk and shoot (to go around, traverse the digital realm detecting the threats and destroy them by shooting).

CONTROLS -  Arrow keys to move (left to rotate left, right to rotate right, up to dash foward, down to reverse). Space to shoot foward. X to deploy mine from rear, X to detonate the deployed mine. 

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November 27, 2017

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