Phase Spur


Phase Spur is a casual puzzle game with cute little creatures. The player has to arrange these creatures in way that there are no more than two creatures in a line(vertical, diagonal and horizontal). Phase Spur is a game with a never seen, unique reverse match 3 gameplay mechanic. Embark on a stylized visual journey that takes you through simple levels and progresses through challenging levels with hours of gameplay. 

Features :

◆ Two game modes: Classic Normal Mode and a taxing challenge mode
◆ A leader board and 41 Interesting Achievements
◆ Play with adorable creatures. Has Five different and adorable creatures
◆ Has 78 Levels each in Normal Mode and Challenge Mode. Overall there are 156 levels to test and challenge your brain. 
◆ Dynamic difficulty system that assists and adjusts as per your play that provides an excellent replay value. 
◆ Phase Spur is optimised for tablets
◆ Unique reverse match 3 gameplay
◆ Clean, intuitive design with a relaxing soundtrack
◆ Share your level completion mastery (Screenshot) with your friends
◆ Phase Spur is a family friendly game, sharpens your observation skills and can help you train your brain
◆ Phase Spur is localized in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

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