Pixel Trap Survival


Pixel Trap Survival is an arcade game where you have to survive longer by tapping into the empty tiles and get escape from enemies. Pixel Trap Survival is a super addictive brain teasing game that skills up your reflexes.


Game Story

 Once Upon there exist a town called Zuzu Land, the town was very special because of its ten sweet and cute talking characters. They all were searched by a boy named John Adams in a nearby Krosta jungle. Suddenly the boy got popular all over the world. He used to nurture them as head of the family. The cute characters also loved him a lot.   

      One bright morning the boy decided to keep an exhibition for the world to interact with the cute characters. But All of the sudden the city got a horrified earthquake. Everything was ruined. The happy town turns into a history. Nobody left in the town except the cute characters. All characters together started sliding here and there and fall into the pitfall.

      After a few hours they found themselves trapped into the Pixel Land. The Pixel Land is the cruelest Land of Enemies where the Pixel Monsters are cruelly waiting to eat you. Due to the high fall, they are not able to slide. They are missing John and feeling helpless for themselves.

 They need your help to survive longer and spread happiness in the world again.

          Are you their John who is going to help these cute characters survive longer in the Pixel Trap?


Once Upon a time in the world of video games, pixel games were the favorite choices of the people. Pixel characters were liked by everyone. They were enjoying their stardom. It was the time when pixel characters were in the demand and were performing well and helping video game industry setting up with huge number of fans.

    With the advancement in technology, the popularity of the pixel characters went on decreasing. The cute characters started becoming the choices of the game players. Soon there was a time when nobody talks or care about the pixel characters. Growing popularity of cute characters and sudden fall of stardom were making all the pixel characters to rebel against the industry.

    The pixel characters held a meeting among themselves. They decided to program a virtual pixel world and produce a virus glitch which will trap the cute characters in the virtual pixel world. With a span of time they success fully programmed the glitch and named it “PIXA-TRAP-O-LICA”. They released the virus in the video game industry. The whole video game industry went into the shock as the once the protagonist has evolve into the antagonist. People soon started listening about the cute characters missing. The glitch made by the pixel characters was playing a good role in industry. It had almost captured ten popular cute characters.

 The video game industry expert team with Vaibhav, Vibas, Naresh and Rakesh under the Verdict Games Lab has successfully made the anti-virus of the glitch made by pixel characters. It has now stopped affecting the other cute characters. The industry got a little relief but yet the ten cute characters are trapped in the pixel world.

 The cute characters need your help in surviving in the pixel world as the glitch is so powerful that once you enter the pixel world, you can never come out of it. The pixel characters want to destroy the cute characters. Help the cute character for surviving in the pixel world.

“Are You Gonna Help Cute Characters Trapped in the Pixel World from the Pixel Characters? They are waiting for your help…!!!”

Cute Characters Name

Tinky Winky


Furry Pi



Choosy Boozy

Zoomy Tummy


Pichki Puchki

Glady Maddy


Enemies Type in the Pixel land



Chinki Blinki



Poka Lika Crawler

Robo Dada




Metolica Inductra


Game Features


4 Different Game Boards to Play

Exciting Game Play

Use 10 Different Mind Blowing Power Ups To Survive Longer

Eye Pleasing Retro Neon Color Themes 

10 Trapped Characters in Pixel World

Watch Out For 10 Different Enemies


Game Play Rules


Touch neighbor grid to move

Watch out for the enemies

Collect Different Power ups to kill enemies

Collect coins to rescue trapped characters

Survive Longer to gain XP




Released On

September 30, 2016

Available For

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