Pro Soccer Cars 2016


Pro Soccer Cars 2016 is a mobile game in the casual sports genre. It is a combination of the beautiful game -football and one of the most fun rides in an amusement park - bumping cars. A fun game where players will drift and bump cars while trying to score a goal.
Key features:
  1. 3 game modes:
  • Single player – Career Mode
  • 2 Player offline Mode
  • Online Multiplayer

2.   3 different types of game events:

  • Standard football matches with x number of goal targets.
  • Red ball VS Blue ball challenge – 6 footballs on the field, 3 player’s and 3 opponent’s. The player’s challenge is to put all 3 red balls in the opponent’s goal and vice versa.
  • Free kick challenge.
3.   Car damage, repair and upgrades
4.   Substitute cars, just like in real world football
5.   AI difficulty increases, according to the experience level

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November 15, 2015

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