RAJCE-The Refugee


As we all know that a debt is still going on that a tomato is fruit or vegetable. So we came with an idea here the character of a tomato certainly suits the theme refugee. The game is about a tomato who is kicked out by a group of vegetables at starting of the game and he escapes the vegetable market and surives to the next level, which is a fruit market and simultaneously kicked out from there too and we should surive the 2nd level, finaly after getting kicked out by both groups the tomato realises that it's not a fruit or not a vegetable, but he is unique.  Thats how game ends


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October 16, 2017

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Awesome...! Great work guys proud of u. I can see ur dedication and hard work in this game. Keep it up! ❤️

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One small feedback made HUD - health and score text a bit bigger. And one small text (Score) on the enemies head whenever player jump their head.

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