You play as a prince and your job is to rescue Rapunzel. Climb up her hair and tackle enemies and the witch to reach to the top of the tower where Rapunzel is held captive.

*Made for BYOG 2017, Fairytale category

Released On

October 16, 2017

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Is this suposed to happen?? A witch hand comes and grabs you, and controls won't work at that point. 

You need to rapid press the "Up" arrow key continously to break free from the witch.  It is part of the game design.

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Hmmm... got it. Working, but can I ask why that decision was made? And more importantly there is no feedback for players to understand.

As mentioned it was a part of game design to add some variation to the game. and also act like mini boss battles.

And the main screen has the instructions. 

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