Spidey Escape


Spidey Escape is an exciting game of scared "SPIIDER" which lost in the Dark Forest of deadly species, Enjoy this thrilling and fun filled Survival adventure. By escaping from scary creatures by killing in the dark forest and collect coins to Unlock levels in the gameplay. The concept in an epic of feeling alone in a scary forest with stunning vissual effects and surviving for your life from deadly Creatures.

Game Features:
- Google Game Services, for use of leaderboards and many achievements!
- Easy touch controls - touch to control the Player & control the spining web bullets.
- Fun to play, but a challenge to collect as many stars as Possible!
- Beautiful graphics: beautifully detailed Dark forest comes to life on Android
- In Game Level unlock

How to Play:
- Walk around the forest environment.
- Collect the stars which are widely spread around the ground & creature.
- Killing the deadly creatures spining web bullets & Sheald protections.
- So easy right,then start playing now!

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Upcoming features!
- Connection to Facebook,google+ and Twitter, so you can brag and showoff your scores to your friends!
- more Enemy Creatures like centipede,millipede, new Snake species & more player's selections .
- Advanced GUI looks!,Bonus levels,More challenges...,

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December 25, 2016

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