Stones of Deception


The name of the game is Stones of Deception or you can say that Deception is the name of the game. Don't get deceived by the harmless look of the bricks as you are bound to be proven wrong with the turn of the clock. Stop the Red and Blue Stones of Deception from coming together if you care about World Survival. Provided, if you actually care.

A unique twist to the traditional Breakout games, without the paddle of course. Instead you have the Wrecking Ball this time along with its weak sibling, the Mirror Ball. Use them strategically to wreck havoc on the feared Stones of Deception and stop there descend to madness. Fun gameplay which has lot of twists ingrained within, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The game is filled with surprises at every turn:

  • A novel approach to the traditional Breakout games where you control the Wrecking Ball and its sibling the Mirror Ball.

  • At the right turn, turn the weak Mirror Ball into a Weapon of Mass Destruction, that would change the game on its head.

  • Teleport the balls to strategic locations to wreck the most havoc in the shortest possible time.

  • And if you think that the balls are not enough, you have at your disposable powerful Rockets and Bombs to bring down the pain.

  • Filled with special powers that can be used at the whims and fancies of the player.

  • The game has different type of missions providing the player with multiple challenges throughout his quest to become one of its best players. To start with, the game has 200 missions with many more to come.

Coming soon to your IOS and Android Tablets and Phones, this free to play game, without in-app purchases is bound to capture your imagination with its engrossing fun filled gameplay.

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November 13, 2015

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