Switch - Or Die Trying


In Switch - Or Die Trying you play the character ‘I’ who has lost all of his friends — his friends being the other 25 letter of the English alphabet — and must help win them back by completing 75 highly challenging levels.

Key Features:
- Switching mechanic; change forms between small ‘i’ and big ‘I’ this affects the worlds around you and also give you an extra jump (not to be confused with double jump)
- “Aww, so cute” main characters
- Dynamic world elements which respond to your current state.
- Split second decision making, you will have to keep your twitch reflexes sharp
- Minimalist 2D ambient art style
- Unique level progression, all levels of a world are at your disposal, complete just 10 levels to unlock a new world
- 5 distinctive worlds, each having their own theme, dynamics, enemies and challenges that complement the player controls learnt right from the start
- Speedruns, insanely difficult speedruns to test your nerves/rage/reflexes (Remember, you can always skip and come back to these later)
- Puzzles, occasionally apart from reflexes, your puzzle solving skills will be put to the test

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March 7, 2017

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