A Tale


“ A story of a hero “



The game is based on the theme ‘fairy tale’. The player has to go through obstacles and enemies to restore balance to the land of magic.

The genre is adventure - platformer.

The game is targeted towards people of age 10+ and fantasy players.

The player navigates through a 2d scrolling platformer environment.

The game world is set in a magical world and gives a happy look and feel. The visual style is an imitation of cartoonish detailed genre of art.


The player progresses by destroying evil enemies and unlocking doors. The player is given 3 powers with each one having its own purpose.

(1)         Mana Control – Certain elements in the game have the ability “mana”. This allows that element to display magical traits such as ‘levitating’. Mana control allows the player to control the flow of mana in the object. In doing so static objects can be reanimated to life which allows them to move. Also, the player can control the speed of the platform.

(2)         Ethereal Form – This ability allows the player to interact with objects which weren’t interactable before. Ethereal form is a representation of objects in another dimension and to interact with those objects the player has to go into ethereal form

(3)         SpeedKill – With every enemy the hero slays the player gains a certain amount of speedpoints. When the speed meter becomes full the player can unleash a speedkill attack which will destroy all the enemies on screen.

Levers can be used to open doors for a certain amount of time.

The enemies include:

·      Green Cyclops Demon – This enemy comes flying at the player and shoots the player with magic if they are within range.

·      Purple Cyclops Demon – Same as the Green Cyclops Demon but are more dangerous/beefy.

·      Rhomboid – These are stationary rock-like beings which shoot magic  at the player if within range. It can tank a lot of hits before getting destroyed. So it is wise to run past them on encounters.

The game is still in alpha phase.

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October 16, 2017

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