Triangle Trouble


Triangle Trouble is a gyro-based arcade adventure endless runner game with an adorable triangle, Mr. Acute trying to fight lasers, gears and mines, to collect molds and reach the top of the Shapemaker Inc. tower and collect maximum parts of the Shapemaker by completing achievements. 
The uniqueness of the adventure lies in the face-offs with The Guardian wherein the player has a stunning gun to shoot bullets and also has to dodge incoming bullets at the same time. The game boasts of a variety of gadgets, power-ups and multiple character skins to play with, the players can connect their Facebook accounts and suggest their own game items (power-ups, gadgets, characters, etc.) and we will make the best ones. The game offers touch controls as well and keeps the players engaged with a extremely scalable features and a promise of never-ending fun!

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March 19, 2015

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