Turbulent Showdown


Turbulent Showdown’ is a player vs player fighting game which incorporates unstable gravitational force in different directions during the gameplay. There are three variations of the gravity i.e. Low Gravity, Zero Gravity and Invert Gravity and each has a timer of 30 seconds after which it changes to the next unpredicted one. Push the opponent to death or push him towards the ‘Red Wall’ to reduce his health drastically. Beating the opponent in these unsteady situations is the main challenge in this game.

The Player will lose a round if his health is depleted completely.

The Player will lose entire match if loses all 4 rounds.



** The game has keyboard support but it is best played using Xbox controllers. **

Team Name: 'Toxic Ninjas'

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October 12, 2015

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This is a fun game, the concept works and is fun to play. What you need is a lot of juice.

Thank you for playing our game and your valued feedback.

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You can download the latest build of our game "Turbulent Showdown" here: https://goo.gl/rFG5B3

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