Twisty Board 2



Sequel to Twisty Board (Featured in 176 countries by Apple and 120 Countries by GooglePlay is launching on Nov 16th.
Here are just few notable rewards for Twisty Board
* Named by Apple as the top 10 best arcade games of the month in October and Top 30 games of 2016 in the US Store.
* Received a gorgeous review from the App Store Editors Team.

The first time was just a training ground. Now, the real fight lies ahead.
Alien warlords called the Q’Tath have decimated earth’s defenses.
As they spread across the galaxy, their rations ran low…
So they rounded up and imprisoned the people of Earth.
Now, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.
Repel the Q’Tath from 5 new battlegrounds.
Free the prisoners.
Save humanity!
How to Play:
Tap & Tap to navigate! You’ll shoot automatically once they’re in your direction & range.
Use new weapons to fight new against enemies.
Game Features 
* Awesome Voxel Graphics and Environments 
* Unlock 30+ Characters & Superpowers
* Optional in-game recording so you can watch and share videos of your performance

Key Features
* MetalKit
* Haptic Feeds
* ReplayKit



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November 16, 2017

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