Under Lunar Grounds


"Under Lunar Grounds" is an exploration and skill-based adventure game set in the future.

This game is a combination of flying, driving, platform-jumping, exploring and puzzle solving. And yes, there is the physics engine to add that extra spice!

Mandkind ran out of space on Earth and colonized a new found habitable moon. Large underground colonies were built for them to live in. You play the role of an independent contractor running cargo supply operations using your LunarCarrier. Every LunarCarrier is equipped with a LunarBuggy to explore the underground surface once the carrier lands.

The game is influenced by the classics like Crazy Gravity, Gravity Force etc. that I used to play as a kid. Building a game of this genre and type has been a dream I have been nurturing for several years. I recently submitted the beta version of "Under Lunar Grounds" in a game jam competition. Based on the response, I plan to develop this further and launch early next year as a Windows Store Game.

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March 16, 2016

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Great going... keep it up...

Great game...well conceived....

Well done Abhishek! Childhood memories are always dear :)

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