Unstoppable: Sea Assault


Join the ranks of the The Unstoppable Elites, Navy’s legendary solo missions specialists. Lay carnage on your enemies while you collect new guns, special abilities and even new ships.

Randomly generated levels and enemies result is a unique combat experience every run.
‘Unstoppable: Sea Assault’ is for military, army & navy enthusiasts, fans of classic Shoot em up, modern action-arcade games and procedural roguelike games.

Features : 

  • Endless shoot em up
  • Unexplored sea, unique enemies and fresh challenge - every run
  • Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization even for low-performing devices
  • Slick controls
  • Realistic combat units
  • Varied AI behaviour makes each enemy unique and challenging to kill
  • Multiple extreme boss battles
  • Put your mission is jeopardy to rescue stranded civilians
  • Climb the Navy Ranks as you progress
  • Easy to play, much to master
  • Choose between 9 different ships with their powerful weapons and unique playstyle
  • More than 20 weapon types including ballistic missiles, drones and EMP Blasters
  • Original action packed soundtrack

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Released On

May 19, 2017

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