The Wind Warrior


The Wind Warrior is a single player, 3D adventure fight game, in which the player fights with opponents and defeats them to unlock deadly chambers one by one and finally secures the key information and completes his ultimate mission. Our hero fights with the monstrous mutants who have unique striking abilities, lethal powers and immortality. Hero can defend, punch, kick, be agile and respond quickly. Be consistent and play hard and you will get rewarded with unleashing great powers which can defeat these immortal opponents.

Initially, game will run through three levels, having different moods and environments and adventure. All character has some predefined individual powers but the player have to earn the powers as he clears the levels. The player will have an option to purchase the power; required in advanced levels. In intermediate levels itself; but for that he will have to pay a premium amount using defined method.

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March 30, 2016

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It will be a turning point for Indian gaming industry.

Good work.....and really it's a turning point of Gaming industry

Congratulations! Team Gold Bird.

Keep it up guys... Best of LUCK.

Waiting for this to be launched.

Have a blast! :)

When will I see this on my IPAD.

Ohhh.... Finally!

Awsome. Nice to see this in NASSCOM.

Congrats Buddy.

Keep it up guys.

Best of luck GOLD BIRD.

Dear Gold Bird,

My blessings always with you. Best of luck.

You will win.

Rock it guyszzz....

Best of luck GOLD BIRD

Congratulations Team GOLD BIRD.

Keep it up.

All the best

Crazy for this game.

We are proud of you.


Good i am waiting for play

Waiting for new superhero game....

Congratulations The Wind Warrior team.....

Game poster looks amazing !!

Best of luck.

Definitely you will win.

And award goes to The Wind Warrior.

Very much happy.

This game should be number one rank in indian mobile game history.....

All the best to The Wind Warrior team....

Waiting for game trailer....

look of the game is very nice

i would love to play this game....

Is is free or paid game ?

Nice screenshots

Nikhil Gaikwad's picture

Good luck Ashok and team hope to see you be win.

Best of luck bro

Woo Ashok good work. All the best team

Looks like fun.Looking forward to play this game

Very good. My good wishes and congratulations to the Team. Cheers.


Best wishes for your future....I am sure this will be a huge success!!!!!!

Its looking good. All the best team. Hope to see you win.

Best of luck guys !!

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The game looks amazing !! Good job

Can't wait to play the game

The poster looks great! Looking forward to play the game!

All the best.

All the best.

A treat for game lovers!

Looks like game having awesome graphics

I'm impresed by seeing poster I'm waiting free game To launch n I'm exited To play it..

Stunning quality next-gen art, awesome looking unique characters, super cool UI, interesting story, combat with unique weapons, abilities and power-ups and immersive environments. Can't wait to play "The Wind Warrior". Congratulations and all the very best!!!

Good luck for the game

Good luck ... Nice game keep it up.. All the Best

Eagerly waiting for this game.

Great job in the field of entertainment!!!

Best wishes for your continued success.

Well done team Minerva.........wish you all the best for formal launch in Mar 16

Waiting for the game.... eagerly waiting..

Good game!!!!

All d best. This will be fantastic addition to the games world.

Villan looks scary....

Game poster looks amazing.....

Wow indian superhero.....

i would love to play this game....


Oh man I really miss Indian Superhero Warrior i will surely play this one

Seems to have good graphics. Best wishes guys.

All the best to The Wind Warrior team....

This game should be number one rank in indian mobile game history.....

Game looks nice.

Awesome graphics...

Interesting game.

I like this....

All the best team...

Great job team!! All d best!!

Awesome.. new super hero's..congrats nd besy luck.

Khatarnaak ! Looks really brutal ! Great going ..

Awesome... Great job... All the best Guys... Keep it up..!!

I am quite sure my kids will love this game definately....

Varunjeet Suryawanshi's picture

Awesome characters

Great achievement Amit. Keep rocking & rock on.
I liked the characters of your game & the theme as well.
Well done

Both superhero and villain looks equally powerful...

Looking forward for this awesome game. Keep it up Dinesh Jiju!!!

Nice game guys.keep up the good wrk and all the best.

Proud of you my friends.. Rock on..

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