Word Mine


Word Mine is Tap And Knock Off (TAKO) - Series 4 game, a set of brain teasers designed for all age groups.
The goal of the game is to reveal the hidden answer by eliminating letter tiles from 2 to 3 words. As the levels progresses, the sequence of the knocked-off words should be rearranged to reveal the answer.   
How to play
- Eliminate required number of letter tiles from a set of words to reveal the answer
- Tap to eliminate a tile and swipe to eliminate subsequent tiles
- Use hints to lock the tiles that should not be eliminated
- Drag and drop the knocked-off word to change its position to reveal the hidden answer 
- Simple and interesting games
- 200+ Levels
- Unlock Achievements as you progress 
The TAKO games are created by Digio TwentyOne Communications, where your game is our work.

Released On

October 16, 2017

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