Word Shooter


Word games are interesting and so are Arcade games. 

What would happen if we combine the two categories of games? It sounds interesting, right. We have managed to combine the two categories and we call it 'Wordcade'.

For the first time ever, introducing a 'Wordcade' game called 'Word Shooter', a Tap and Knock Off (TAKO) Series 6 game.

How to Play

Your space ship is going on a long journey and you need to make space by shooting down enemy ships. This is the interesting part, each enemy ship has a code letter on it. You can only shoot down an enemy ship if the combination of remaining ships make a valid English word. If the planned knocked off letter is incorrect, a shot is fired back to your ship. 

During the journey you will encounter other obstacles such as Asteroids, UFOs, etc. and also collect power-ups to complete your mission. 

Word Shooter is designed for unlimited fun in 10 different stages. 

The entire concept and design is proudly produced in India. The TAKO games are created by Digio TwentyOne Communications, where your game is our work.   


Released On

December 15, 2017

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