Wrong Way Death Car Race


Wrong Way Death Car Race is an addictive traffic racer game. Have you ever tried car racing in wrong way? Here is the most thrilling wrong way car racing game for you the Wrong Way Death Car Race!!!!
You are going to drive your mad car in a wrong way traffic, the only formula to get your get out of the city traffic is just concentrate and move your vehicle by tapping it fast.
How many laps you can ride your speed car in this car fight before you crash into flames. Wrong Way Death Car Race is very interesting for who is addictive with highway car race, which gives them a feel of real crazy traffic racer.
Wrong Way Death Car Race is seems to be an easy car crash game, but hard to get mastered. You are taking challenge of driving a faster sports car in a death race. You will get king blocks in your way to next lap, just over take it by good action.
A bad driver can do rash drive in this funny stock car racing game. You will get the glory of a real time road trip in Wrong Way Death Car Race just play it a have fun.

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September 14, 2015

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