Z War 1 : The Great war of the Dead 1918 -1927


Z War 1 won accolades/appreciation around the world including Second Place in The Big Indie Pitch PG Connect Helsinki and Third Place in San Francisco. Z War 1: The Great War of the Dead is the second foray into the F2P shooter arena. It is an original, hybrid of shooter RPG-lite, aimed at the midcore and core player base. Z War 1’s setting is WWI, diesel-punk, alternate history, where the Great War never ended, and the War of the Dead has begun...The horrors of trench warfare have taken a supernatural turn.
It’s 1918, near the end of WW1, at the start of the outbreak of the Spanish flu pandemic. However, the ‘flu’ victims start to return, as ravenous undead.
A new war erupts – the living vs the dead, in the shattered wastelands and trenches, where strange gases not only kill, but reanimate the dead; otherworldly creatures stalk the haunted battlefields. A new, sinister force is at work. Someone, or something is using the undead for their own nefarious purpose.
ZWar1 is a wave based shooter / tower defence / RPG-lite, set in the highly atmospheric and evocative, diesel- punk, alternate history.
Players will experience the horror of WW1 trench warfare - mud, gas, barbed wire and death. Using 3rd and 1st person POV, the player mans a heavy machine gun, and along with their squad of soldiers, players must defend their trench / position from being overrun by and onslaught of undead troops, war machines and hideous creatures.

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March 1, 2018

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