Zoono: The Rescue Hero


Connect & Unlock the pattern to save Zoono's friends and thier planet Osmo!
Zoono is an addictive, challenging, skill based and fun puzzle game. A brain game that will test your skill in finding the right pattern. Assist Zoono to rescue his friends by connecting & unlocking them in that pattern. Complete all the puzzles within minimum moves to earn 3 stars in every level. 
Build towers, collect blits and unlock the blocking gates to defeat Pyro, the demon who captured all the Osmonians. 
Play all the exciting levels of Zoono to thrash Pyro! 
Key Features

Unique Gameplay: Connecting and unlocking the characters with the right pattern makes it a unique puzzling experience of over 150 levels

Exciting levels: A whooping 150 levels of challenges provide unending fun and excitement with new ingredients introduced every region

Rebuilding planet Osmo: The game needs the players to collect energy and use their strategic skills to rebuild the different elements in the world of ‘Osmo’ in a sequence that quickens the user’s progress through the game.

Stunning Graphics:  The game presents itself with stunning characters and environment visuals that helps the user identify with the character’s plight and therefore emotionally motivates the player to rescue the characters and their planet

Purposeful Story: Built on an intriguing and purposeful story this game binds every game-play element beautifully, also giving the players a strong sense of purpose and a sense of achievement.

Arcade mode: This time-based game mode not only presents the player with multiple unique puzzles and fun; it also tests their skills against other players fighting for the top-score on the leader-board. Depending upon the performances, the players also get a fresh lease of energy to help them rebuild towers and huts faster.

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January 14, 2016

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Ravi Chalvade's picture

Awsome game......
I liked it very much.......
all the best

Rituraj Behera's picture

Nice Graphics! Looks like an interesting Game!

A real engaging game. Innovative puzzles. I think it's the best in its category.

Akanksha Ingole's picture

Very Interesting!.....
Zoono charecter is too good,
eagerly waiting for the release .......All the Best ---> ZOONO

Vipin Mishra's picture

Game is looking interesting with amazing graphics. ALL THE BEST ZOONO TEAM!!!

Ratikant Behera's picture

Looks like an interesting Puzzle game. Art is lovely! Love the cute characters :)

Graphics are appealing! Looking forward to playing this game!

Looks like an interesting game!! Cant wait to play!!

Very cute game with an interesting puzzle mechanic!

The name itself is very innovative!!.. The character used in this is very cute and lovely!!.. Waiting for its release!!.. All the very best cympl!!..

Looks Interesting!

The game is looking great. Hope people will love it. :)

this is really a Fantastic game....

this is looking the awesome & cool game.
graphics and animation are looking very interesting.
can't wait till Jan 1, 2016 for this game.
all the best team.

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