Indie Game of the Year


One touch gameplay. Play artfully crafted 56 levels. 
Serenely challenging geometric art and artsy illusions.

Control smoothly moving black dot and your goal is to collect color dots in each level. Sounds easy ?
There is only one control option: Left Turn!  
Find a perfect way to collect each color dot.


Fourte is the math game where you play with 4 given numbers and the basic operators to get the desired number.


Enemies will approach! Can you defend your forte and unlock the math wizards?

Add up your courage, subtract your weaknesses,

Multiply your strength, divide your plans,

and, of course, brace for the attack!


Tilted - A Tale of Refraction

Tilted is a unique 2D Physics Puzzle game based on exploration and puzzles built around the laws of refraction with real time physics. The first release of Arcanheim Softworks, "Tilted" is a game where you play as a prism navigating its way through mesmerizing crystalline caverns and solving puzzles by using the laws of reflection and refraction, in a quest for photons and ultimately Illuminating the universe, overrun by darkness and other hazards.