Indie Game of the Year

Boom Shiva

After 4 months of Public Feedback on the Demo Version, Boom Shiva was launched on May 24th, 2017.
Play as the legendary hero Shiva in this highly rated Indian Game.
You will come across Mythological Gods and Beasts in this  exciting adventure.
New elaborate Boss Battles where you have to use strategy instead of violence. 

Shadow Ball

With Shadow Ball, we present to you a fascinating journey to a galaxy far away. Steer quick and pick up as many rubies as you can before time runs out. And all this time, look out for the shadows to dodge the meteor shower! Does that sound a little too hard? Well, the ball will also blast if you touch the walls!
So pick up your devices and join the Ruby Raid to fight in this mind blowing interstellar survival war.
*********** Gameplay ************* is a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) which can be played on Android and iOS mobile devices. The game is interesting and has a handful of features which could be unlocked by playing more games.

Players can pick a fish from a collection of 7 different fish which needs to be unlocked by playing games and opening fishbowls which are received at the end of the game.