Student Game of the Year


Gravity Build is a physics-based tower building game. It is a simple yet highly addictive game in which you’ll build structures by placing block after block.

Show off your innate architectural talent and build the highest or biggest structure possible, with a unique design that only you can imagine.


The game is based on the following selected constraints given for the respected sets, 1) Espionage with 2) Remix.    

The game revolves around an imaginary organ present in one’s brain which keeps an eye on all the activities which takes place inside the brain. The Primary job of the organ is to make sure the brain functions properly.              


Stevie The TV

When the whole town electricity is stolen away. Stevie The TV is which a homemade robot who is  on mission to bring back his town electricty. So that his best friend jordan a 12 year old boy can watch his favourite cartoon show.

City Eco Saver

City Eco Saver is a game where the Player controls a garbage truck which has a task to collect the garbage across the city. It is also equipped with technology to detect Environmental threats and alert the player. The player plants a tree which is most beneficial for the area. The aim is to reach the segregation point to segregate the collected wastes before the CNG runs out.