Upcoming Game of the Year


In a world of alphabets, 'I' is suddenly alone. Where did all his friends go ? Was it because he became too self-centered ? Was it just.. I, me.. myself ? Come join him as he sets out on a journey to redeem himself.. an adventure across typographical lands, laden with traps and puzzles, and help him rescue and win back his once cherished friends.

Blokstok Street Fight Madness

Blokstok Street Fight Madness is a new twist on the street fighting genre of games.

It is intended to be a mobile first game targeted at mid-core gamers and takes a new twist on the genre with an interesting storyline and characters that we expect the users will identify with - with minimum of blood rather than having characters that are caricatures or characters that are overly gory.

We are not revealing much of the story here to avoid giving away too many spoilers as the final game will be fairly story driven.

Candy Spin Mania

Candy Spin Mania is a top down arcade game where you need to tap on screen to jump down the character, collect candies and escape from obstacle.

The game character are from the alien world where they eat candies to survive.Once due to the atmospheric changes in space , all the candies in the alien world were ripe out.The game character from the alien world decide to look for a new place.One alien came to the candy planet to survive but it was not that easy to eat or collect candies. The alien need an amount of candy to call other alien to the planet.

Bot Rods


Bot Rods is a high adrenaline racing game set in a futuristic world.

The Bot Rods world is inhabited by adorable characters from many species and their equally lovable B​ots(robot vehicles).

The game is about all out racing and using a trick or two to slow down your opponents , including quirky weapon pods and down right ramming your opponents to slow them down.But watch out ..what you do unto others can easily be done to you.

Play nice or play mean.. the finish line is your ultimate goal.


Drift Champions

Drift Champions is an isometric car racing game for mobile and tablet devices. The tracks are specifically designed to be drifting friendly and give you a unique experience in handling the cars in a simple and natural way.

Drift Champions will contain the below mentioned features by the release:

#High quality 3D graphics and drift control

#Different Racing modes – Elimination, Time Trial and Drift

#Career mode to unlock all the cars and tracks

#Asynchronous multiplayer mode (Send and receive challenges with friends)

Enemy Waters

In its simplest form, Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. The player will control a naval fleet comprising of ships and submarines, using which he has to outsmart and outflank his enemy's fleet.

Once Upon a Bike

Once Upon a Bike is a physics based bike building game. Build a bike from a huge collection of parts to transport different characters to the end point of a level. Make sure to do this without the characters falling off the bike or the bike breaking apart or the bike running out of energy.

Think it will be easy? Well then think again, as we take you on a journey spanning 5 different worlds and more than 100 levels.  

Word Foe

Word Foe - The new free social word game where your vocabulary and word building skills are put to test in a fast paced real-time multiplayer environment. Play with your friends, with word building legends and other players looking to build their vocabulary on your mobile and become the best word builder in the world. May the best Word Foe Win.

-        Play in one of our three player rooms against players from all over the world in real-time.

-        Play in the ultimate tournament mode and win 12 games to unlock the top prize or get knocked out in 3 losses.