Word Trip

The Tap And Knock Off (TAKO) - Series 5 game is all about words. The goal about the game is to create a set of words from a given word by knocking off letters. 
'Word Trip' is a simple and interesting set of 'Brain Teasers' that helps improve spelling and vocabulary.
How to play
- Eliminate letter tiles from a word; create a word and submit it
- Tap to eliminate a tile
- Swipe to eliminate subsequent tiles
- Use hints to reveal a letter from a word

Word Mine

Word Mine is Tap And Knock Off (TAKO) - Series 4 game, a set of brain teasers designed for all age groups.
The goal of the game is to reveal the hidden answer by eliminating letter tiles from 2 to 3 words. As the levels progresses, the sequence of the knocked-off words should be rearranged to reveal the answer.   
How to play
- Eliminate required number of letter tiles from a set of words to reveal the answer
- Tap to eliminate a tile and swipe to eliminate subsequent tiles

RAJCE-The Refugee

As we all know that a debt is still going on that a tomato is fruit or vegetable. So we came with an idea here the character of a tomato certainly suits the theme refugee. The game is about a tomato who is kicked out by a group of vegetables at starting of the game and he escapes the vegetable market and surives to the next level, which is a fruit market and simultaneously kicked out from there too and we should surive the 2nd level, finaly after getting kicked out by both groups the tomato realises that it's not a fruit or not a vegetable, but he is unique.  Thats how game ends

Defence of Cardbodia (Co-op Multiplayer, Local, Lan)

LITERALLY! Wholesome cardboard goodness awaits! 


But before that, NOTE:

The game was made to be played in a PC while also using an android device to work as a 'networked' controller. The game does not require an active internet connection to play but a local network and a stable connection with the base game is necessary for it to work. The game is meant to be played with a few friends together. 


Cancro is all about traversing whole cellular structure and destroying the cancer cells leading to a healthy life.

Its a generative game where on every cell traversal new cells gets exposed. Tapping on the cells makes the capsule bounce towards the new cell and destroy it. But take care not to keep the capsule too long on the destroyed cell else you will lose you capsule :)

Also take care not to tap on the already destroyed cell :)

Enjoy the game play and have fun :)


MiniClash is a real-time multiplayer game in alpha stage which combines Card Collection, Tower Defence and Multiplayer Gaming.

Our Uniqueness

  • Duel players from around the world in real-time
  • Very low data usage
  • Statistical analysis of player behavior to match them with better opponents

Lock n Key

Lock and Key is another traditional Indian chase and run game made fun on mobile. Players play as wild characters with super powers on an island which is collapsing part by part. With 4 players on the island, 1 player plays as a chaser, the other 3 are runners that run away from it. The concept is as simple as the name. The chaser is supposed to tag all the runners. Once tagged, the runner gets locked in the position and cannot move, unless some other runner tags and keys the locked one out.