Cancro is all about traversing whole cellular structure and destroying the cancer cells leading to a healthy life.

Its a generative game where on every cell traversal new cells gets exposed. Tapping on the cells makes the capsule bounce towards the new cell and destroy it. But take care not to keep the capsule too long on the destroyed cell else you will lose you capsule :)

Also take care not to tap on the already destroyed cell :)

Enjoy the game play and have fun :)


MiniClash is a real-time multiplayer game in alpha stage which combines Card Collection, Tower Defence and Multiplayer Gaming.

Our Uniqueness

  • Duel players from around the world in real-time
  • Very low data usage
  • Statistical analysis of player behavior to match them with better opponents

Lock n Key

Lock and Key is another traditional Indian chase and run game made fun on mobile. Players play as wild characters with super powers on an island which is collapsing part by part. With 4 players on the island, 1 player plays as a chaser, the other 3 are runners that run away from it. The concept is as simple as the name. The chaser is supposed to tag all the runners. Once tagged, the runner gets locked in the position and cannot move, unless some other runner tags and keys the locked one out.

Game Over

Play India's Hyper Comic Game Over.

Quick Hints To Game:-

"Anything you loose, comes back in another form".

"There is no death, just change of forms".

"Don't Let go of your story,just because  universe wants to write a new one".


Game Features:-

  • India's Hyper Comic.
  • Intriguing Story.
  • Different Art Forms in One.
  • Unique Puzzle Solving.
  • Experience the journey in Three Different Time Era.
  • Melodic Music.


VIkram Aur Betaal

The game is digital take on Vikram Aur Betaal, the game is interactive fiction where you are presented with the same problems as King Vikramaditya. In the famous Indian fairy tale called "Baital Pachisi"​.

Game has all original artwork inspired by ancient Indian empire Gupta empire.

And voice overs to keep away from interested in the content.

6 Puzzles from that era, which were designed to teach important lessons to then young adults.

Have fun playing it.



World Cricket Battle

World Cricket Battle

World Cricket Battle (WCB) is the upcoming most advanced 3D Cricket Game developed by Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


·        User friendly controls

·        Top Class Graphics and Animations

·        Futuristic Gameplay with Advanced AI

·        Best Cricket Simulation with Realistic Physics

·        Tournaments (ODI, Test and League Cups)

·        Leaderboards

·        Features that any cricket fan would love to have…

Step Up : Monk Battle

Step Up: Monk Battle is a tactical , real time turn based card battle race between two monks to the top of a mystical mountain. Much like Snakes & Ladders, the path to the top is strewn with blue and red dragons who speed you up and push you down respectively. However, you cannot see these dragons on your way but your opponent can and must suggest the next step that you could possibly take. As the player , you have the freedom to choose the next step of your liking . Beware, of hidden cards or dragons though,  they bite!