Step Up : Monk Battle

Step Up: Monk Battle is a tactical , real time turn based card battle race between two monks to the top of a mystical mountain. Much like Snakes & Ladders, the path to the top is strewn with blue and red dragons who speed you up and push you down respectively. However, you cannot see these dragons on your way but your opponent can and must suggest the next step that you could possibly take. As the player , you have the freedom to choose the next step of your liking . Beware, of hidden cards or dragons though,  they bite!

Word Shooter

Word games are interesting and so are Arcade games. 

What would happen if we combine the two categories of games? It sounds interesting, right. We have managed to combine the two categories and we call it 'Wordcade'.

For the first time ever, introducing a 'Wordcade' game called 'Word Shooter', a Tap and Knock Off (TAKO) Series 6 game.

How to Play

War Dogs : Aces of World War 2

War Dogs is a part-simulation, part- aircombat action game for Mobile platforms.  The game will feature 5 different campaigns- one for each major nation in the world war 2 - namely, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and Russia. 

The game will have a total of 24 iconic aircrafts (12 fighters, 4 torpedo bombers, 4 dive bombers, 4 medium range bombers)

The most important feature of the game is real time multiplayer- 4vs 4 battles where players fight for air supremacy with help from AI ground elements(ships, AA gun nests, etc)


Stack & Crack

- A 3D Puzzle like no other!
- Handcrafted levels with a graded learning curve!
- Creative game elements to explore!
- No tutorial available, none needed!
- Stacking is easy. Cracking is hard!

Enemy Waters

Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and warships. Command and Manoeuver your fleet as you face off against pirate John’s massive fleet. Conquer Seaports and Oil wells by defeating his warships. Expand your influence and procure betters submarines or battleships to stand up to the ever increasing machinations of Pirate Little John.