Kids ABC Learning and Writing

Kids ABC Learning and Writing is free alphabet app for kids. This ABCD character for toddlers all the way to preschoolers and kindergartners.

Best Alphabet tracing Game.

Kids can learn while playing with your mobile. Many parents are worried because their kids always play with their mobile, but now you don't worry about that, just install ABC tracing game on your mobile and forget about your worry. We use amazing sound in this game so that your kids enjoy this app while playing.

Xtreme Hover

Xtreme Hover will give you the best thrilling experience of riding futuristic hover bikes. You will feel the excitement and pleasure of speed. It has futuristic hovercrafts, simple controls, adventurous levels and lots of obstacles to challenge you.
You will get chances to score the highest and beat your friends. It’s an endless game of fun in an unreal world. Race at insane speeds through an infinite randomly generated world.
Game Features:
-Futuristic Hovercrafts.
-Easy and smooth game controls.

Journey to Jupiter

An infinite 3d space simulator Game.

You are on your way to explore Jupiter, Your mission is to reach Jupiter safely with being hit by comets.
The Game supports accelerometer control for steer with with missile launcher to rip apart the comets on your way.
The Game is memory optimized so as to provide smooth game play even on low end device.

How to Play:
1. Tilt to steer
2. aim for the incoming comet
3. Tap missile button to fire missile

Trippy Trap

Escape from trippy world without getting trapped as long as you can.

If you are wondering what can make you go out of control other than chocolates and caffeine, it’s TRIPPY TRAP. Not only is this game peppy and zippy with vibrant colors and gameplay, it also increases the ability to concentrate and improves one’s accuracy.

Game Features :
- Easy to play, hard to master.
- Simple and colorful.
- 50+ items to play with, Some has unique animations.
- Compete your score with friends.

Game Of Tiles

Despite its apparent simplicity, GAME OF TILES  is an awesome game , the most interesting thing about this game is the number of possibilities of winning in this games .   The game ends when three-in-a-row is obtained. This game is very different from other TIC-TAC-TOE games where The number of Xs is always either equal to or exactly 1 more than the number of Os (if X starts),


GAME OF TILES is specially designed for people who want  to have fun while playing this with their friends .

Bluedust: War for the Pyramid

BlueDust is a mobile based, free to play, massive multiplayer online (MMO) strategy war game. Play as the leader of your people and guide them through the most volatile age in the history of the Fractured Lands. Leave your mark on this war-torn world as you build cities, battle strange creatures, conquer territory and finally take the fight to the ultimate foes - the Aliens.


The sole purpose of ‘CRASH’ is give you a bit of quality time and pull out some of the amazing memories from your childhood.

The Game is called ‘CRASH’. It comes in the genre of endless racing, were you have drive your car as fast as you can and also have to overtake other cars carefully because you have to avoid any ‘CRASH’. When you start the game, there is only you, your car and the road ahead of you. So, make sure that you drive fast, go far and make best the score you can. You can also customize the way your car looks by visiting Garage.

Rail Road Train Simulator ™ 16

Rail Road Train Simulator ™ 2016 is the most detailed 3D mobile train simulator game that is free. Allows you to switch / change tracks, includes 6 vintage steam locomotive engines, 6 detailed vintage old passenger wagons, compartments, carriages and bogies, well-crafted cities with buildings & railway stations, and scenic landscape. Players control anything from American Switcher steam locomotive to the mighty Mikado, ‘Emperor of Japan’ / Euro Bullet Train of the 20th Century, with realistic train simulation experience.