Spidey Escape

Spidey Escape is an exciting game of scared "SPIIDER" which lost in the Dark Forest of deadly species, Enjoy this thrilling and fun filled Survival adventure. By escaping from scary creatures by killing in the dark forest and collect coins to Unlock levels in the gameplay. The concept in an epic of feeling alone in a scary forest with stunning vissual effects and surviving for your life from deadly Creatures.

Brain it on

Brain it on is the brain game which is connected with cartoons..

This game has 3 modes 

1.normal mode

2.easy mode

3.difficult  mode

Game is developed for android and ios platform 

Planned to release in early 2017 


My Food Truck : World Challenge

Participate in My Food Truck challenge and experience the thrill of owning a Food Truck and travelling across 10 dream destinations! Build your popularity to win over fans from around the world! 

*TRAVEL THE WORLD and match delicious dishes to make scrumptious combos spread across 250 levels.

*CHEF YOURSELF! Click a Selfie to become a chef yourself or choose from various avatars

*GAIN POPULARITY by sharing your fan count on social media

*ADDICTIVE MATCH 3 that combines your dream of world travel and cooking tasty dishes


StratUp is a first of its kind Business Simulation Game, which enables the players to get an holistic perspective to strategically plan, think and execute their strategies in an engaging and immersive environment. The game simulates real life organisational dynamics and captures players decisions to generate a work style profile report.