Guide Me

Guide me is a unique experimental action, puzzle game about finding path in dark world. The game is about the three characters Alpha, Beta and Gamma who are lost in the dark world. You can illuminate small area for limited duration. They will slowly follow illuminated area. If you try to move them too fast one, two or all of them will be left behind. Dodge deadly obstacles.

Simple Spy

Simple Spy is  a dynamic and minimalist  2d platformer

* Test your skill with 60 levels and  4 bonus levels

*  5 different characters with unique animation

* Dynamic game play mechanics based on color changing platforms

* Google play service integration with Achievement
* No ads and In App Purchases

Bluff Party

Bluff Party is currently in soft launch in the Philippines!

Bluff Party is the first online multiplayer card game where you get to bluff your friends and family all the time instead of just during holidays and vacations! Grab this game for free and play this entertaining yet simple card shedding game with real players.

Ants Can Fly

Ants Can Fly is a simple addictive game about an Ant by name Andy, who is struggling to learn the art of flying. With intuitive touch and drag controls teach Andy how to fly and escape the attacks from unfriendly insects in the environment.
These insects in our virtual world are disguised as humans in their behavior very much inspired by their pressence in the real world.
Ex: A Termite living on wood - Disguised as a carpenter with saw blade in its hand.

City Swat Fighter

The Coyhot ships are invading the Earth. They come from distant galaxy Quima 559 and are armed with plasma turrets. The only way to stop them is our Command force, City Swat Fighter.

★ 3 swat ships to unlock
★ 2 arenas to play
★ Compete with your friends
★ online leader board and score support
★ 7 achievements to unlock

Fruit Board

It is easy to play and hard to complete kind of game.

Just draw line with finger on board in order to make fruit jump and basket it right.
Make minimum jump to get maximum mark.It has more than 70 almost unique levels.


Hanging out with friends? Take it to the next level with this awesome, active social game! Tease, chat and finger-joust to the death as you use smart strategies to collect tiny coloured circles against the clock! This award-winning touchscreen tap-out is fun, frantic and totally hilarious!

Circulets takes the fun for families and parties to the next level by introducing two players to a competitive play on a single device. Define your own rules as you collect circulets (or not) to play. Circulets is a new kind of experience for your mobile devices.