Racing Combat

"RACING COMBAT - An Online Real-Time Multiplayer Car Racing Game with Combat".
Cross-Platform for iOS & Android.

Racing Combat has a lot more than only racing. The game has been designed for long gameplay,  where player progress by earning & winning chests, trophies, coins, gems etc. to discover new cars, powers & drivers. It has got tons of awesome features, some of which listed below.

Pocket Warrior

* NOTE : Only screens for World 1 puzzles have been attached. World 1 gameplay prototype is ready.


A beautiful physics based puzzle game that follows the journey of a little hero to save his/her father from the evil all powerful Sorceror. The game takes the player across 5 beautifully rendered worlds with intricate puzzles and delightful background music.


Chhota Bheem Rush

Chhota Bheem is teleported into Modern Day Mumbai

Chhota Bheem is teleported to Modern Day Mumbai using Professor DhoomKetu's new invention - a Time Travelling Watch. 
Alas at CST, his watch is stolen by a pickpocket who escapes on a Local Train. 
Bheem jumps on to the local train tracks and give chase ? Will Chhota Bheem be able to catch up with the thief before he escapes or before Pandu Havaldar catches up with him. 
Come join this endless adventure