Play God

Play God is a turn based  puzzle - adventure set in earth which has been rocked by meteorites. Explore and rebuild the world again by joining the broken cubes and face the new obstacles on your way.

  • Rebuild ancient monuments and special buildings.
  • Move using simple swipe controls.
  • Think your move to overcome the traps and enemies.
  • Get rewarded by joining the cubes within certain number of moves and time.

A Trail...

This winter let your imagination leave a trail of it's own.
Dive deep in your mind for a perfect balance of Art & Arcade that provides an experience like never before!
More details and the demo available at the GDC.  See you there!

Cue [D]

*** Play a Unique Game of Pool ***
A game based on Cue Sports, where you have to strike all the lights and then pot the ball in the hole. 
A fun, addictive game with 100 challenging levels. 
Each level has limited moves in which you have to complete the level, and depending upon how fast you finish, you are awarded a medal. 
You may also Skip a particular level if you wish.
Available for download from Nov. 03, 2016.

Jack N' Jill 3D

Jack N' Jill is a 3d isometric one button platformer. Play as either Jack or Jill and help them find each other. Run, jump, get past obstacles and baddies all using a single input. Jack N' Jill 3d features cute graphics, relaxing music and 60 challenging levels spanning across 3 different landscapes.


Gravity Build is a physics-based tower building game. It is a simple yet highly addictive game in which you’ll build structures by placing block after block.

Show off your innate architectural talent and build the highest or biggest structure possible, with a unique design that only you can imagine.


You play as the spy working for Truth.Inc and collecting intel from Evil Corporation.
As you tap your way through challenges, the assasin is following close behind you, waiting for you to fall into their clutches.
The challenges of this game is about escaping from assasin without being caught,
while solving puzzles and finally reaching the destination.You traverse this world by tapping the 
screen to manoeuvre around obstacles.