The game is based on the following selected constraints given for the respected sets, 1) Espionage with 2) Remix.    

The game revolves around an imaginary organ present in one’s brain which keeps an eye on all the activities which takes place inside the brain. The Primary job of the organ is to make sure the brain functions properly.              



Simulation-puzzle where you kill your customers who are heavily wining in your casino with your phone 57
You are a casino owner.
 Look out of you window and lookout for the heavy winners. 
Change you casino design to move all the characters to a particular position and try to kill them by blasting a phone.
You can blame the accident on…..
you know who !


Covert Cop


This is the final updated version of our game


Watch as our Talented cop snatches the data from the evil clutches, where he faces many difficulties and obstacles on the way.

Watch as he moves on with atmost stealth where he wont be caught by any body. 

"Covert cop" is a 2D platformer game with an amazing art quality 

The objective is to reach the destination that is the data point at the end of the level, evading and timing your way through all the traps and obstacles in each stage.

Farm in Harm

Player is a farmer , who faces a big problem in his farm , his farm is becoming a hub for the weeds(unwanted and infected plants) he has to remove them in order to save his farm.

developed BY :

 Vasireddy Chaitanya, Surya Vamsi, Vamshi Devanaboina Saivamshi, Tarun Bhola, Gopi Krishna Allamudi

The game is now in full and clean form .. the third link is the upodated one with all the bug fixs and added features !!!

Hope u enjoy the Game !!!

Thank You for your support .. it means a lot to us !!! : ) : ) : )

Evil Inc.

Evil Inc. is a Party/ Drinking game, where the players play as super villains and come up with masterplans!

If they succeed in pitching something the other villains approve of, they are safe, but if they fail to convince the others to join their evil-menace, then they have to suffer through embarrassing challenges. 


This game is a Rpg strategy game based on the theme Set A - AI and from Set B - Rush. This game includes procedural generated AI.

After reaching level 5, the player can upgrade their skills for next level . And along with this, its a non-ending game with no ending levles until the player dies.




A fun game based on AI and Skills.
Bappie is a cleaning bot left abandoned in a room by it's owner. 
Bappie is equipped with a technology by which it can change it's gravity direction.
It's only objective is to clean the dirty room and get out of the house.
Can you help Bappie get out by reaching all dirts avoiding the spikes and and traps?

Ninja Ninja BAM! BAM!

BAM BAM is on an Epic Quest!
He thinks He is a Ninja! 
BAM BAM Need you, his Guardian Angel, to save him from his arch nemesis, the pointy devils called Thorns.
Ninja Ninja BAM! BAM! is a fast paced physics casual game, just makes you relax and have a good time.
Go BAM! BAM! Go You!
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