Zombie Bloxx


One morning you wake up to a city in chaos and commotion. Looks like everyone seems to be evacuating the city.

What sort of outbreak is this? You step out of the house for the idiot you are.

Shouldn’t you be camping inside and staying calm?

Well, now you are screwed! ZOMBIES! Have risen, they are hungry and on the lookout for a snack.

Are you just going to stand there and wait for the zombies to rip out your brains Or Are you going to run because your life depends on it? 



Just Follow!

Just Follow is an addictive unique game loaded with lots of fun. In this game you have to make the player go through the obstacles without colliding by drawing a line. And the player will follow the line. The longer you go the more score you will get.
Don't forget to collect coins, with coins you can get another life in game. You can even buy boosters with coins.
- Just make it follow the line through obstacles
- Get another life by spending coins you collected
- Tough and intense gameplay
- Collect coins and buy boosters


ASSRT(Agents of Secret Service Recruitment Test) is a First-person shooter puzzle game loaded with lot of Action and Excitement.
Here in this game you are going to take the role of an Agent who is going through the process of ASSRT. In ASSRT his Skill, Mental and Physical abilities are tested. You must be the finest to get selected.

- Smooth gameplay
- Lot of weapons including special weapons like Compound Bow and Dual Guns
- Upgrade and customize your weapons
- Use your favorite attachments on your weapons to suit your play style

T20 Cricket Premier League

T20 Cricket Premier League is the most addictive single button game. This is a small, yet cool game for cricket fans. Hit the cricket balls that are bowled your way. How many runs can you get before you are bowled out? Cool graphics will hook you for long time. You can Bowl as well as Bat in this game which is a unique feature in such type of game engine.

Snakes & Puzzles

A super cute but very challenging puzzle game. Watch out and be amazed when you explore some interesting fact about the great monuments in your journey in the game.
The classic character that we ever got introduced to, on mobile gaming- Snakes.

Snakes & Puzzles is a casual puzzle game for both children and adults. Guide the snakes to collect their precious eggs, make sure the snakes cover all the grids on the board. Help the snakes in the game to free flow their way to in their journey to connect their dots and unveil the mysteries.

Rupee Race: Idle Simulation

Enter the Race now! A Race of being the Richest Businessman in the Rupee Race World.

Game Features includes:
- Plant & Upgrade plots to earn higher profits.
- Use your own strategy to collect higher profits.
- Control the Pump and Bonus smartly!
- Sell your businesses and collect RUPEES!
- Move from Village to Town to Metro as you unlock new cards.
- Collect Duplicate Cards to earn even more plot profits.


Masala Express: Cooking Game

There is a hidden chef in each one of us. Masala Express gives you the complete gratifying experience cooking the most famous cuisine in the world- Indian Food. The game simulates the your cooking, time management & serving skills.

The Story:
Priya is an ardent cook who loves to serve food- not a food truck, she runs her own commercial kitchen to fulfill her dream to become a master chef. She wants to leave her mark and be amongst the top chefs in India and then the world. Live her journey to make it big!


Fourte is the math game where you play with 4 given numbers and the basic operators to get the desired number.


Enemies will approach! Can you defend your forte and unlock the math wizards?

Add up your courage, subtract your weaknesses,

Multiply your strength, divide your plans,

and, of course, brace for the attack!