Augmented Reality

Drive India

Its necessary to follow all traffic rules in every country and every road. Traffic rules are meant to make all people safe including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists etc... Therefore you need to have a better understanding of traffic signs and traffic symbols before getting into the road.

"Drive India" game teaches you all traffic rules should be followed in Indian roads with stunning 3D realistic graphics and in a fun way. "Drive India" teaches on lane discipline, one way, Traffic Signals by Electronic signal systems, Traffic signals by Traffic police. 


Your eyes are your worst enemy - they fool you every day.
Experience a room which looks surreal when you first look at it, only when you open your eyes and start looking at things from different perspectives, it all makes sense.
Possessions is a simple 3D-isometric puzzle game about perception, obsessions and a family.
The first impression is not always the last impression.


A mobile game with augmented reality based solutions.

Flick goal: A football game based on augmented reality and user can play it on Smartphone.

Digibets : An English letter book for kids with augmented reality based objects and pronunciation for letters.

Maze: A maze which augmented on paper and user can score points using phone and moving paper.