Ballistic Ball

Basket ball meets battle Royale in this physics based 2D multiplayer, fuelled by jet packs and arm canons where you choose from a variety of high-flying trigger happy battle mech suits to make amazing aerial goals and make impossible saves while using every surface available in the map or simply loadup your canon and annihilate anything that comes in your way.


The Game Is about Car Battles. The Game Is From The Future. A World where Car battle desides the destiny of an individual. Explore Your Journey from an individual to an underworld King.

Game Features:-

1.Open World:- The Game Is Set On an unknown Future City 

2. Cars with weapons:- This Game is all about car battles so it includes weapons in car. which are upgradeable.  

Switch - Or Die Trying

In Switch - Or Die Trying you play the character ‘I’ who has lost all of his friends — his friends being the other 25 letter of the English alphabet — and must help win them back by completing 75 highly challenging levels.

Key Features:
- Switching mechanic; change forms between small ‘i’ and big ‘I’ this affects the worlds around you and also give you an extra jump (not to be confused with double jump)
- “Aww, so cute” main characters

Bot Rods


Bot Rods is a high adrenaline racing game set in a futuristic world.

The Bot Rods world is inhabited by adorable characters from many species and their equally lovable B​ots(robot vehicles).

The game is about all out racing and using a trick or two to slow down your opponents , including quirky weapon pods and down right ramming your opponents to slow them down.But watch out ..what you do unto others can easily be done to you.

Play nice or play mean.. the finish line is your ultimate goal.


Om Nom Nom

Its Mayhem in OL' Nom Town, The Noms have gone Bonkers!. The Town Of OL' Nom is flooded with Noms trying to gobble up each other.

Play as one of the Noms and try not to get gobbled up by the others and at the same time try and gobble up as many other Noms as possible!

Sky Sutra

A fast paced two-player competitive action platformer, which features two roles: leader and chaser. Only the leader can collect points from the game world and by running and jumping he creates the path which the chaser needs to follow. The chaser can shoot to stun the leader and take his place. The player to have a point advantage of a fixed number wins the round.